In very simple terms, Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that

incorporates martial arts kicks, fluid movements, acrobatics, and music.


Capoeira is practiced by MEN, WOMEN (of all ages) and CHILDREN (3 & up)


What can Capoeira do for you?

Capoeira is not a fad.

Capoeira has history and culture and

is practiced all over the world.


Improve your overall health, lose weight, gain flexibility, release stress and enjoy every minute of it.


Tone your Body

Improve Flexibility

Lose Weight

Gain Muscle

Kick Butt

“Capoeira is a game, a dance, a struggle, a perfect mixture of strength and rhythm, poetry and agility. The only one where music and singing command the movements. The submission of force to rhythm. Of violence to melody.


In Capoeira the opponents are not enemies, they are comrades. They don’t fight, they pretend to fight. In a very ingenuous way they try to give an artistic view of combat. Above the spirit of competition there is a sense of beauty."

"The Capoeira player is an athlete and an artist, a player and a poet.”

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